Come and joing our fun and social polo academy.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where anyone and everyone can learn and be safe while having fun. We aim to understanding what each individual wants to achieve from their polo journey and find a fun way of teaching  that.

We provide weekly group riding and polo sessions appropriate for anyone who wants to try polo or just get back in the saddle.

With a flexible drop in and out sign up system means flexibility for our busy lives. 

Polo style riding is perfect for strengthening core, improving balance  and fitness all while in the fresh air. Horses have an amazing ability to let one relax and switch off from everyday stresses. Our sessions provide a perfect option for a hour escape from the office with the added bonus of adrenaline for those keen to be more competitive.


No previous riding skills required and no age limits.

Our Polo Sessions:


Ladies ants

This session is for ladies that are new to polo or riding and are trying it for the first time. No riding experience necessary.

- £60 including horse

- £40 with own horse


Friday 11am

Ladies rain

This session is for our more experienced ladies who can safely canter around the arena and hit the ball and are learning hitting techniques, riding exercises and the rules of polo.

- £60 including horse

- £40 with own horse


Wednesday 10am

Friday 12:30

Sunday 10am

Polo training session

This session is mainly aimed at our aquicker playing members or some of our most experienced rain members, two horses are needed and we focus more on tactics and game play.

- £100 including 2 horses

- £40 with own horse


Friday 2pm

Men’s Academy

For men who would like to start polo, work on their riding or skills and learn more tactical plays. 

- £60 including horse

- £40 with own horse


Friday 3pm

Behind the Scenes - Tactics, Theory & Horsemanship 

These sessions are taught by Kirstie Otamendi and guest professional. This is a session where we cover all the behind-the-scenes details of polo, horses and yard management.

Adults - £45 per session

Children - £30 per session

(check calender for the next scheduled date & topic)


Hacking is an option for anyone involved with Minninnooka. We head out for about 2 hours on many different tracks of Chobham Common. We do a combination of walking and cantering.

- £75 per hack


Saturday 10am

Tournaments and chukkas against other teams organised on a regular bases.

How to jon:

  1. To join our academy please register to sport member, send an enquiry or wahtsapp +447557343355.
  2. Create an account and join the HPA which is £110 per annum. -" class="redactor-autoparser-object">
  3. Then Westcroft Park Polo Club membership is £110 a month which includes acess to as many classes as you want and use of facilities for riding and lessons. Must ride with a qualified and insured HPA coach.
  4. Trransfer or invoiced for the lesson fees

To play and be involved with Minninnooka Academy you must be under 0 goals handicap.

Polo sets
09:00 - 09:45
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
Ladies Rain
09:30 - 10:30
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
Crawford Cup - 4 Goal
16:00 - 17:00
Guards Polo Club
Chobham Common Hack
09:00 - 11:00
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
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