Our Childrens Polo Sessions:

Played by schools & universities throughout the world, polo is one of the fastest growing sports. Polo promotes teamwork, confidence, core strength, sportsmanship, friendship, competition, coordination & fitness.

Minninnooka Polo & Riding School, provides expert, progressive, fun, focused, small group lessons for kids and teens - from total beginners to experienced riders. All pupils Age 6+ are taught in an enclosed, floodlit arena on polo ponies, by our approved & qualified HPA and BHS coaches. All our coaches are DBS checked and qualified in Safeguarding and First Aid.

We host home matches for all our players & enter them into national tournaments, run by the Schools & Universities Polo Association each year. These provide focus for lessons & fun & competition at every level.

Our Goups:

Shetlands Group

This class is for beginner children ages 6 years upwards. Pupils are taught how to walk, trot & canter and start to hold a mallet - 45 min lesson.

- £40 per 45 mins session


Wednesday 4:30pm

Fluffies Group

This class is for those who can safely walk & trot & are starting to canter. We start to learn and develop all the shots of polo and understand the fundamentals of polo.

- £50 per 1 hour session


Thursday 5:45pm

Saturday 10am

Sunday 9am

Criollos Group

This class is for those children who can hit the ball in trot & canter and are perfecting their polo riding. They work on all shots of polo & are implementing these and the rules and tactics.

- £50 per 1 hour session


Tuesdays 5pm

How to join:

After your two week introduction there are two simple steps 

  1. Create an account and register with the HPA - www.w3.org%2F2001%2F04%2Fxmlds..." class="redactor-autoparser-object">https://auth.sport80.com/saml/...
  2. Pay the fixed membership fee of £200 to Westcroft Park Polo Club visa sportmember - a request will be sent once you have started lessons
  3. Transfer or invoice or weekly lesson fees

Learning syllabus

Our aim for Minninnooka is to have fun safe lessons while covering a broad but detailed syllabus including riding, swing mechanics, polo tactics & horsemanship. Tack, anatomy, feeding, dentistry, ROW and LOB are just a few of our topics.

School Lesson - Shetland
16:30 - 17:15
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
School Lesson - Fluffies
17:45 - 18:45
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
Kids Polo Summer League
All day
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
Chobham Common Hack
09:00 - 11:00
Westcroft Park Polo Club - GU248SN
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